In memory of our dogs who aren't already with us

This photo was taken in far 1995. These are our German shepherds (Eastern-European Shepherds - as we call this breed in Soviet times). The elder dog (from the right with Andrey) was the female Milicenta (born in 1990, died in 1996). She was a dog with outstanding protection service. The younger dog (to the left with Irina) was the female Inessa (born in 1993, died in 2006) . She was a daughter of Milicenta. She was growing up and bringing up our next breed dogs; Asslan, Vinika, Zalta and Masjanja.


 Asslan v.Haus Schran

November 1997-August 2010

Aurum Aglis Pilar was the most perspective daughter of Asslan and Vinika. She was successfully shown in SV BSZS 2005 in Karlsruhe in the young dog class. But unfortunately she died in 2007 too early...

 Aurum Aglis Vinika

December 2000 - October 2010